Velkommen til oss på Skogshorn Rideleir 2024

Does summer, fun and horses sound tempting? 

Sommeren 2024 tilbyr vi rideleir for alle uansett nivå. Leiren starter i uke 26, søndag 23.juni og avsluttes i uke 33, lørdag 17.august. 

We hope and believe Skogshorn Riding Camp has been and continues to be the great holiday experience for many. Over the years, we have received countless positive feedback and people that keep coming back. Every summer, we have many 5-year-jubilees, in addition to 10 year's. Regardless of age and experience, you are the most welcome with us. 


Week/DatePriceSpots left
Week 26: 23.06.2024 – 29.07.2024kr. 6000,-Fult!
Week 27: 30.06.2024 – 06.07.2024kr. 6000,-Fult!
Week 28: 07.07.2024 – 13.07.2024kr. 6000,-Fult!
Week 29: 14.07.2024 – 20.07.2024kr. 6000,-Fult !
Week 30: 21.07.2024 – 27.07.2024kr. 6000,-1 ledig plass !
Week 31: 28.07.2024 – 03.08.2024kr. 6000,-Fult!
Week 32: 04.08.2024 – 10.08.2024kr. 6000,-Fult!
Uke 33: 11.08.2024 – 17.08.2024kr. 6000,-Fult!

Week/DatePriceSpots left
Week 26: 23.06.2024 – 29.07.2024kr. 6000,-Fult!
Week 27: 30.07.2024 – 06.07.2024kr. 6000,-Fult!
Week 28: 07.07.2024 – 13.07.2024kr. 6000,-Fult!
Week 29: 14.07.2024 – 20.07.2024kr. 6000,-Fult!
Week 30: 21.07.2024 – 27.07.2024kr. 6000,-1 ledig plass !
Week 31: 28.07.2024 – 03.08.2024kr. 6000,-Fult!
Week 32: 04.08.2024 – 10.08.2024kr. 6000,-Fult!
Uke 33: 11.08.2024 – 17.08.2024kr. 6000,-Fult!

OBS! Vi har foreldre/barn og søskenmoderasjon, kr 1000,- pr pers uke. Ved påmelding av flere uker, gir vi reduksjon på kr 1000,- for uke nr. 2, 3 osv.

Arrival and departure

      Arrival Sunday:

  • Ønsket ankomst er fra kl 13:30-15:30, de med tog ankommer ca kl.
    16:30. Vi byr gjerne på en «kaffekopp i farta», om det lar seg gjøre.
  • Vi starter med velkomst og middag kl. 17:00. Deretter generell informasjon og prøveridning
  •  Utdeling av hest og kveldsmat.

      Departure Saturday:

  • First, there is tidying and packing. Do an extra check to see that you've got everything with you, and that nothing's left behind!
  • Then there's a farewell ride on your horse. Often there will be pictures, hugs and sweets for the horses, and one does not get around the fact that some tears often fall as well. The consolation, then, is that there will be a summer again next year!
  • Før avreise, kl. 13.00-14.00, er det lunsj på Skogshornstua. Så
    ønsker vi alle vel hjem og velkomne tilbake !
  • De som skal med tog har avreise kl. 13:45.


Mange tar toget, gi oss beskjed 1-2 uker før ankomst om dette.

De togene som benyttes er det som ankommer Gol stasjon
søndag kl. 15:02, fra Oslo og kl. 15:43, fra Bergen.

På lørdag bruker vi togene som har avreise fra Gol stasjon kl. 15:45,
til Oslo og kl. 15:04, til Bergen. Vi har kun mulighet til å sette opp transport fra disse
ankomst/avreisetidene. (Noe venting må påregnes). Egenandel kr 400,- t/r, betales ved ankomst søndag.
Avreise fra Skogshornstua lørdagen blir kl. 13:45.

NB! togene blir raskt utsolgt, bestill i god tid !


We will wake you up at 08:00, and breakfast is at 08:30. We meet for the first riding session at 9:30 a.m. It runs until about 1 p.m. Dinner is at 2:00 p.m., and then we will be out again for the second riding session at 3:30 p.m. Supper is at 7:30 p.m., and bedtime at 10:30 p.m.

SundayVelkomst og middag kl. 17:00. Deretter generell informasjon
og prøveridning. Utdeling av hest og kveldsmat.
Manday - ThursdayIs there a varied and active program with two riding sessions every day. We have two riding arenas and many beautiful hiking trails. The groups change these options every session and day. This provides a good variety for both horse and rider. Jumping, dressage, terrain course, grooming competition, polishing equipment, riding barkback, gymkhana, station riding and a little taste of "Mounted games" are on the weekly schedule.
FridayIn the afternoon, there was a fierce competition with a subsequent prize-giving and video screening. Distribution of diplomas, celebration of birthdays, and possibly gifts for our 5-year anniversaries, good atmosphere, with the opportunity for entertainment and a fun closing evening.
SaturdayPakking, klargjøring og en liten avsluttningstur på hesteryggen. 
Deretter lunsj før avreise ca kl. 13-14.

You also get to learn about the care and use of horses, feeding theory, pathology, anatomy and psychology, theory and quiz! Useful knowledge for everyone and especially for those who can imagine a horse on loan or their own horse. 

Feel free to let us know if there are special considerations, e.g. due to previous (negative) experiences with horses. The most important thing is that everyone has a safe, nice and educational week based on their starting point!  


Accommodation: We have 3 cabins available, Ranebu, Jodbu and Bekkekos. The latter has 3 bedrooms, the others have 4. Spacious fireplace lounges with radio and TV. Options for drying clothes and shoes. Outside of the summer season, the cabins are rented out to holidaymakers and are consequently equipped with kitchens with all facilities. Jodbu and Bekkekos have a covered veranda, Ranebu has an open one. The program for the week is in the cabins. 

We've made a room list beforehand. If you come alone, we'll try to place you with your peers. Wishes for room sharing and cabin wishes are met to the best of our ability.


We have 50 to 60 horses and ponies of different breeds and sizes, kind, good-natured and cuddly companions! 

We mostly have Northlands horses in the group of ponies, but we also have many Welsh, some Icelandic horses, and riding ponies, pinto, Shetland pony along with other nice crossbred ponies.

In  the horse group we have cold- and warm bloods, Fjord horses, Haflingers, Tinkers, and also some crossbreds, for example Lippizans/Dole and many nice Fjord horse blends. 

Some of the ponies and horses are of their own breeding or purchased young, and they have received a lot of cuddles and attention in their childhood years, which they bear the mark of all their lives! You get a special relationship with the horses at Skogshorn, and some are lucky enough to get their hands on stable space and take the horse home for the winter!  
Many of our horses are also being taken away to riding schools and thus they will be further developed until next summer.


We have 3 good meals daily, breakfast at 08.30, dinner at 14.00 and supper at 19.30.
The food is presented on tables in the dining room and the participants help themselves there.

If you have any food allergy or is dependent on medicine, please do tell us! We help you and arrange what we can.
Let us know about this in good time before your arrival. 

Skogshorn Kiosk

We have a kiosk! The kiosk has a variety of ice creams, sodas, mineral waters, chocolates, along with other snacks to moderate prices. We sell "Skogshorn hoodies" in two colors, different styles and sizes, with a price from 300,- and T-shirt 200,-
We also have some selection of reasonable horse equipment.
 Payment by bank card and Vipps (BarneVipps works poorly).

Work with us

Many equestrian camp participants eventually become closely related to Skogshorn Riding Camp, to the horses, the place, managers and staff. At first it will be a few years at equestrian camp, but at the age of 15 -16, the dream for most people is to become an auxiliary leader. We have a lot of interest and drive for these jobs and have to limit the time, especially in the first summer, but then it will often be several weeks later. We also try to favor a little those who have been to the equestrian camp and are familiar with our routines and arrangements. Some have really got a passion for horse riding and are educating themselves further, and eventually end up as instructors with us.

If you have reached this age and want a job as an assistant manager, you can contact Irene in January by phone 99725891 or e-mail .